• Para sa Bagong Republika

    Birth of a New Republic - Proposed Coat of Arms

Moving Along

HI! Just wanted to inform y’all that I’ve got a new blog and I’m closing this one. It has served its purpose. Please check http://www.poolsandstreams.blogspot.com See you there!

‘Lambing ni Lord’

I’ve been craving for kropek. The average shrimp kropek that I’ve known from my childhood. The ones that can only be bought from the palengke. And now, these things can be bought from the streets. It’s just that almost every time I go home from work, passing by C-5 on a taxi, when there’s traffic … Continue reading

Back from silence

It’s 2011, a quarter into the new year after the uncertainty of 2010. I’ve grown another year older. I’ve been through much soul searching. But now, I’m back to blog about stuff. Maybe not because of profound insights from my soul searching expedition, but because of a mundane reason. Remember Gizmo? Well, it kinda conked … Continue reading

What We Have Become

To Noynoy, we will pray for your well-being and for you to have the strength and capacity to carry on the journey. To the Filipino people, we will continue to pray that we all will continue towards the path of recovery, restoration, and rebirth as one nation under God.

What Have We Become?

By now, a lot of people would have blogged about the gruesome events in Maguindanao. My wife wrote a beatiful post in her blog a couple of days ago. I am now compelled to write up my own piece. Not just as a response, or an outcry about the events, but more for my son, who will … Continue reading


From my last post, here are the significant things that I have gone through: Taiwan and Ondoy Me and my family has gone back to Taiwan last August to September and I returned to finish the job from September to October. I didn’t have enough time to renew Nina and Matt’s visa, so I had … Continue reading

Future Home – Riverfront Residences, Pasig (Part 2 – The Move)

After months of waiting, of strict budgeting and a lot of prayers, we finally did it! It started on a very symbolic day – June 12, 2009 – The year when the Philippines celebrates its independence day, and the day we, as a family, celebrated ours. Not from a tyranical overlord several miles away who … Continue reading

There and back again

No.it’s not Bilbo Baggins’ book I’m gonna write about (for all you Lord of the Rings fans out there, that is). It’s about a week before my family and I once again board the airplane bound for Taiwan for another 2-or-so months away. Yup, it’s time to spend my birthday away from home again. And … Continue reading


First post for the year; on the verge of – changing from a tumultuous Rat Year to a hopeful ushering of the Year of the Ox – the journey began a year or so ago will bear fruit… … it is time to pack bags and settle into a new frontier – as the adventures … Continue reading

Courage – The Mark of a True Hero

This is a story about a young boy… … who was a Taiwan Tourist last March … … discovering a new friend in a strange red octopus, naming him ‘Octy’ … … who just recently celebrated his Fourth Birthday (but his Dada didn’t come home early) … … who also exhibited an extraordinary amount of … Continue reading